Mythos in Montreal Offers Magnificent Greek Fair


We recently had the opportunity to share a fine dinner with family at Mythos located at 5318 Avenue Du Parc in Montreal, Quebec. Our waiters, were the brothers, Jimmy (Dimitri) and Peter (Panagioti).


We had cocktails, that were expertly prepared. My cosmopolitan was just right, as was almost everything else we ordered this fine Montreal evening. They were seasoned professionals, who made sure that the kitchen orders were timed just right.

The Greek salad with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese was delicious.



As appetizers we shared deep fried calamari, the grilled octopus platter that came with grilled peppers and a platter of grilled vegetables (yes redundant, but different vegetables).  The calamari were cooked to perfection, not at all rubbery, as sometimes happens. They were cooked in a light batter, spiced with pepper.  I would have liked some marinara sauce to dip them in, but it is a Greek Restaurant and not an Italian one.  Likewise, the grilled octopus was amazing, probably the best we ever had.  It was again, just right, not dry or rubbery.  The kitchen was kind enough to share their recipe with us–check for this below.  The equally splendid grilled vegetable platter came with asparagus, mushrooms, egg plant, red, yellow and green peppers and more, grilled to perfection after being marinated with a nice (balsamic?) vinegar.




As a main course, my brother had the New Zealand Lamb Chops which were perfectly marinated and grilled to perfection. They came with a potatoe and escarole that had been stir fried with garlic.



I had the classic Greek Moussaka.  I have to say that this was likely the best that I ever had.  The bechamel sauce, which was perfectly infused with herbs and flavors, held the egg plant and ground beef together with a creamy and scrumptious texture.



We ordered the house wine by the glass, it was a Greek wine that tasted like a merlot. For dessert, to accompany the lattes and cappuccino, we all had the baklava.  I was a bit disappointed that it had less honey than I would have liked, it looked like a cake or pie and did not hold together when cut into. It wasn’t your typical few layers of filo dough with pistachios and honey in a square shape.





Everything at Mythos is big. If you are looking for great tasting classic Greek food with engaging wait staff, pay a visit to Mythos, and you will be delighted.  We give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars!

So, how do you avoid rubbery octopus?  We visited the kitchen and were surprised that the lead cook was Pakistani, Safraz.  The octopus is defrosted, the tentacles are sliced, and put in a baking pan, marinated with vinegar (I would use balsamic.) Bay leaves are added as are other spices to the marinate.  The marinating octopus is then baked at 400F in the oven for an hour. The octopus is then left to cool and put in the fridge to marinate further until ready to be grilled, on order. Voila a perfect grilled octopus!






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Carrabba’s Italian Grill

As an Italian, I generally don’t go to Italian restaurants since I can cook better Italian meals at home. A friend of mine suggested we go to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. I was skeptical as living in the NYC area there is no shortage of non- chain mom and pop Italian fair.  We had a pitcher of the BlackBerry Sangria


We shared the calamari appetizer, and the calamari looked like they were cooked in a hot air popcorn cooker being very light and airy and not at all greasy or with any remaining oil from the deep fryer.  They were fluffy and almost tasted like pop corn,  without the marinara sauce which was just right.


The main dishes came with a delicious salad and the Italian dressing was done right.


I had the

Tilapia Nocciola

“Lightly breaded with hazelnuts, topped with roma tomatoes and basil lemon butter sauce.” It was one of the better pieces of fish I have had in a while.  The butter sauce was creamy and flavorful.  The fish was not over cooked and every bite was delicious!


My friend, Grace, had the sea scallops from the

Spiedino Di Mare

“Feel transported to the Italian coast with our Spiedino Di Mare. Enjoy your choice of wood-grilled shrimp or sea scallops, coated with olive oil and breadcrumbs before grilling to add flavor and keep the shrimp and scallops juicy. Topped with our lemon butter sauce, this is seafood unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Our lemon butter sauce is a perfect complement to this seafood dish, as the acidity adds brightness, balancing and enhancing the flavors of the shrimp and scallops.”


We both found her dish to be very salty.  The side we both chose was the simple cavatappi amatriciana. 

We ended the meal with the Limoncello Bread Pudding which was delicious accompanied with espresso and cappuccino.


I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant.  My friend had visited another franchise in Florida where the chef was apparently lighter with the salt compared to the location we both visited in Seacaucus, NJ.  With sea salt and pepper available at the table, the chef should realize that it is better to use less salt than more, as not everyone has the same salt sensation/desire.  We give this restaurant a 7 out of 10 for the overall ambiance and meal, and would have given it an 8 of 10 but one entrée was just too salty, almost garnering a 6.5 out of 10. As the food is apparently made to order (some of it did taste like it was fresh, like my entrée, but some of it might have been pre-prepared like the calamari), and the overall experience was better than at some mom and pop Italian restaurants, we recommend you try this chain for yourself and let us know what you experience!

Mushroom bruschetta – Grub


Vittle Monster

Mushroom bruschetta - Grub
Pastrami spiced, gruyere cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 island. $10
Grub, San Francisco CA

The ingredients of this bruschetta looked so odd together that I had to try it. Omg, it actually tasted really good! I’m not even a sauerkraut fan, or a 1000 island dressing fan for that matter, but they somehow all worked great together. Mmm!

Random face sidewalk stencil
Random face sidewalk stencil, 16th Street.

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Would You Like Your Own App for Your Blog on BlackBerry World?

Would You Like Your Own App for Your Blog on BlackBerry World?

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Calamari – Don the Beachcomber

Nice! Gotta try it!

Vittle Monster

Calamari - Don the Beachcomber
Lightly seasoned and breaded, served with zesty chipotle remoulade and Don’s citrus cocktail sauce. $12.95
Don the Beachcomber, Kailua-Kona HI

I enjoyed these! They were pretty tender and not overly fried. I also liked that they weren’t covered in a thick shell of breading and that they included plenty of tentacle pieces. The sauce were also creative and tasty! I’m kinda bored of the typical citrus aioli that’s usually served with fried calamari.

Stacked rocks, Kailua Bay
Stacked rocks, Kailua Bay.

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