Live Streaming or Cable? BlackBerry Listen Up–We Need a PBS Live Streaming App!


There are so many options these days other than cable, and a previous post on this is here:

Netflix vs. HuluPlus vs. Amazon (Prime) Instant Video

Since this article, Hulu Plus was eliminated from my home, since I cannot deal with paying for commercials.  It’s like going to the movies and being forced to watch an ad for a product. Sorry Hulu Plus! I did remove all of the digital converter boxes from my TV sets and brought them back to my cable company with the intent to disconnect and watch the local TV channels over the air,  with streaming of Netflix on my smartTV or via my Wii,  and Amazon Prime video off of my BlackBerry PlayBook or Z10 phone.  I told them that I just wanted the internet option!  Of course, they did what they could to convince me otherwise.  They won for a while, I got $40 off my monthly bill on the infamous “triple play” with premium channels such as “Showtime”.  I went for it since I wanted to see the last season of “Dexter” and watch the last season of “Breaking Bad”.  Since there is nothing I really care to watch on premium cable, I may bring the boxes back again or ask for the “double play” at half the cost, depending on what TV channels they give me. Right now, I switch between cable and over the air. You can try using a splitter and check on the actual over the air reception near you, before making the “switch”.



The problem with over the air HD in the NYC area that has near 18 million people is that ABC and PBS are very difficult to pick up due to the low frequencies that these networks transmit their signal.  I get more over the air channels than I need with a great flexible indoor HD antenna I found at my local COSTCO.  I get 25 channels plus with great clarity.  I also get CBSNY+, and COSI TV, that carry, respectively,  all news, and 1 hour local evening news at 7 pm. If you have an old school TV you will need to get a digital converter box (in the USA) and you need to make sure your flatscreen has this conversion built into its tuner.



You can locate the over the air channels available at many sites.  See for example:

Still, I cannot get ABC or PBS over the air, but with the recent release of the ABC Live Streaming Apps on BlackBerry, I can stream ABC from my cell phone over the micro-HDMI port.  I have no problem with CBS and NBC over the air.

ABC and ABC Family Apps For BlackBerry OS 10

BlackBerry, if you get a PBS Live Streaming App so I and near 18 million NYC residents can watch  “Downton Abbey” and other shows, you will sell more phones, and I can get rid of the cable TV and phone and just get an internet provider to stream my entertainment that I can’t get over the air.

Downton Abbey–What’s The Fuss?

By the way you can stream Netflix off  your BlackBerry OS 10 Z10 or Q10 or even Dev C phones over the micro-HDMI port to your TV with a HDMI input.  Just get a cable from Amazon!

Older Android Version of Netflix Available For BlackBerry Z10


Fringe Season 5 Episode 1

Did I miss something at the end of season 4? I’m watching Season 5 Episode 1 of “Fringe” on Netflix,  and the writers sure take leaps in continuity! The story line is discontinuous and confusing. Will take a look at where things left off in season 4 to try and recall what I missed.”I don’t remember any of it”, Walter. ” Nothing left to unify; all the parts are gone”, Olivia.







Netflix vs. HuluPlus vs. Amazon (Prime) Instant Video


Netflix has the largest library by far of the 3 main streaming services. I have had Netflix for a few years, and I am reasonably happy with device availability: on my Wii, on my Samsung SmartTV and also on my BlackBerry Z10, as an android side-load:

I like the size and variety of the library. It includes international films, gritty independent dramas, along side the usual USA fair, both from film and television. There is the usual variety of genres: comedy, drama, suspense, action, and documentaries. There is original content that is worth watching, with the latest offerings such as “Orange is The New Black”, “House of Cards” and the continuation of  “Arrested Development”.  I like being able to watch past series I missed and being able to do so in marathon watches, one or a few a day until I see them all, before watching another series.  Like Amazon Instant Video, I like that there are no commercials during my viewing unlike HuluPlus.

I have had HuluPlus for a few weeks, and I have already decided to cancel.  I cannot stand having to wait through commercials for content I have paid for; it is like going to the movies and having to watch product placement ads.  The library is smaller then Netfflix, but, allegedly bigger than Amazon.  Although HuluPlus is supposed to offer current series playback, I don’t find that to be true for most shows I want to see, like “Dexter” (exclusive to Showtime, CBS), “Hannibal” (on NBC).  In my book this is false advertising! Some of the current shows are only available on the web, which means that I have to watch them on my PC, as my PlayBook cannot have access to the web streaming, as it is blocked by HuluPlus. I got HuluPlus  to watch the “Downton Abbey” series on my Wii and Samsung TV.  I have subsequently purchased a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable to hook up my BlackBerry PlayBook to the large TV, and now I have Amazon Instant Video available by streaming it to my TV from the PlayBook web browser.  Amazon Video has all three seasons of  “Downton Abbey”, whereas HuluPlus had only the first two seasons. Netflix lost the rights to streaming this show, before I could get through season 1.  I have found that Amazon Video and Netflix together allow me to watch what I want, commercial free, on demand and Amazon Instant Video will let me purchase the most recent series content, not yet available on Netflix or even HuluPlus. Subscribing to Amazon Prime offers many free series, movies and documentaries on demand, on Amazon Instant Video. One can also purchase or rent series and movies on Amazon Instant Video.

Both HuluPLus and Netflix block the PlayBook web browser, but the TV has apps for those two services as does the Wii.  On my Wii I hate the resolution of text and other content displayed by the HuluPlus app, although it is fine on my 46″ Samsung SmartTV.  The Amazon Instant Video is also available as an app on the Wii, as is Netflix, both of which have better resolution and text entry when it comes to filtering through the available content. Amazon Instant Video does not have an app on my Samusng TV, so I use the PlayBook browser, as mentioned above.

I am about to get rid of cable to save money, as I really do not seem to have the time or patience for the content available.  With all the channels, I still find myself being bored with the viewing options, at any given time.  Even with the “Prime” cable channels,  that play the same movies endlessly on multiple channels. All I want is a solid internet provider, and if FIOS insists that I need the cable, I will discontinue it and get a T-Mobile dedicated hotspot at 4G or the “Clear” service.  I will keep Netflix and Amazon Prime/Instant Video  for my “TV” viewing and movie viewing as well.  I can also watch movies on CinemaNow and/or Vudu that may be available at higher HD resolution or not on either Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.  I will get a HD converter box and antenna to get my local stations for free to watch the news and sports.  I need to make a better effort on this front.  Comment below if you have any suggestions for getting the “free” local stations, old school, over the air, and a good internet provider not obligating one to purchase anything else!

Moving to OS10.1.0.1485 On My BlackBerry Dev Alpha A


For the longest time, I had been running BlackBerry OS  on my Dev Alpha A full on. I was very happy with it. I even had the latest BBM Channels with the updated BBM app:

How to Update Your BBM App to Include BBM Channels

I decided to finally remove the SIM from my trusted Dev Alpha A whose form factor I love, and open up my Z10 which now is my STL-3 phone running OS  I managed to update my Dev Alpha A to the developer OS10.1.0.1485 which for some reason does not allow configuration of the native Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn apps.  This is not a problem since I have the android versions side-loaded:

Side Loading Android Apps onto Your Playbook or BlackBerry 10 Device

I used the STL-100-1 autoloader from:

even if the site recommends the Dev Alpha B uploader for Dev Alpha A devices (which are no longer supported).  Everything works fine.  Has anyone tried the Dev Alpha B Autoloaders on the Dev Alpha A? Comment below about your findings.

As I am using BBM ad BBM Channels on my new Z10, I have not updated the  BBM app on the Dev Alpha A with OS10.1.0.1485.  It worked fine with OS

Prior to OS10.1.0.1485, I had tried some other (unofficial hybrid/non-BlackBerry released) versions that led to problems involving random/unpredictable reboots of the device, even during the set-up.  These were STL-100-1 versions of : OS and OS After putting these OS versions on the device, I tried to go back to OS, but this autoloader would crash, likely since I had a newer version of the OS. So, I decided to move forward with OS10.1.0.1485.

I am enjoying Netflix on my Dev Alpha A and Z10:

Older Android Version of Netflix Available For BlackBerry Z10


IMG_00000052 IMG_00000053

The differneces between the Dev Alpha A and B devices are outlined here:

You can find information on how to use an autoloader executeable file here:

Upgrading Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B to the Real Thing (BB10 OS

Older Android Version of Netflix Available For BlackBerry Z10


I recently downloaded an older Android version of a Netflix app, having been pointed to this site by

Info on side-loading the app:

Ok—it actually works well on my Dev Alpha, but it won’t even launch on my original build Playbook (wifi version).  I really wanted to be able to watch Netflix on the big screen real estate of the BlackBerry tablet, but not yet!  Are you listening Netflix?!  Let us know if you proceed, at your own risk, to download the app what you find.


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“House of Cards” on Netflix is Like a Tasty Side of Ribs

“House of Cards” on Netflix is Like a Tasty Side of Ribs

Falling off the wagon is never good, but being pushed off by a scheming Machiavellian out to protect his fanatical drive for power sees Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) being trampled by Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), in episode 11 of  “House of Cards”, on Netflix. The show centers on Francis Underwood, the Democratic House Majority Whip, who in the first episode sees his plans for reaching the highest office in the USA derailed.  Spacey,  who also directs the show, brilliantly plays the dark Underwood who schemes in love, sex and all relations, with greed to achieve power. His wife, Claire (Robin Wright) is a willing partner, even if from time to time she shows her wounds from the battle she endures with what little conscience she has left. Peter is outside his element, ill equipped to live in D.C.,with too many crutches, including the bottle. His Pennsylvania working class roots and conflicted loyalty to his friends and where he came from are the cause of his impending fate at the hands of Underwood who sees in Peter the father he never was, the humanity Underwood cannot ever succumb to, for it might make him weak.  Although, Peter does make Francis weak, in that Underwood feels sorry for Peter Russo, and that seems to scare Francis Underwood if not justify his actions.


The original Netflix series by David Fincher is leagues ahead of the last venture. The writing is first class and the characters have depth that makes people care and want to watch it. Since it’s on Netflix, one could watch all 13 episodes in a marathon. “House of Cards” is riveting & Kevin Spacey is brilliant in his portrayal of the dark side of humanity. “I can’t live moment to moment like you Adam”, states Claire Underwood to her on again off gain flame: “I chose the man that I can love for more than a week!”

The show is one that provides defining moments for Netflix.  Catch this show if you can, you won’ t be disappointed by this intelligently written drama.





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Side Loading Android Apps onto Your Playbook or BlackBerry 10 Device



1)Download and Install DDPB loader:

2)Find a source for the bar files:

See Skype and all that goodness…  Download the files onto your pc and maybe create a directory for all your downloaded Android Apps

3)Set you Playbook or your BB10 device into Developer mode:

Settings>Security and Privacy> Development mode : “ON”

4)Connect the PB or BB10 device to your USB port with the USB cable provided

5)Launch DDPB (“X” out the Blackberry Desktop or the Link software, as you won’t need it)–you may need to wait a minute for the device to sync with PC…

6)Enter the IP address (see my blog on accessing your device via wifi) of the PB or BB10 and the device passwd you have for it


7)up top, on the DDPB UI,  select “add” to add all the android apps from the directory they were saved in

8)The apps you added will now appear in the DDPB UI with check boxes next to them; check all or only  the ones you want to install onto the device

9)Click install and you are into mega app heaven…


NOTE: Restart your device after side-loading to exercise the android player demons…

some more info on this:



Get Netflix here:

and don’t forget POYNT:


The Simple Things in Life are Good!(sm)IMG_00001155IMG_00000026-original

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