AT&T Offering Sale Prices on BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Curve 9360

ATnTFireSale on BBRY

AT& T is offering the Z10 for 99 cents on a two year contract with a voice and data plan. For the same terms and period the Curve 9360 and Q10, are available for, respectively, $19.99 and $199.99.

You can get an amazing BlackBerry Z10 and/or one of the other phones here:


Android Port Of British Airways App Now Available Z10 and Q10

The Android port of the British Airways app is now available of BlackBerry World.  Many legacy devices run the app and so will the Z10 Q10/5 devices.  Since the screen size for the Q10 and Q5 are similar, all Q10 apps will automatically run on the Q5 devices without loss of data display due to a smaller screen.  From the BlackBerry World site:

Full Description

Welcome to British Airways for BlackBerry®   Now you can stay one step ahead as our app guides you smoothly through each stage of your journey wherever you are. The British Airways app gives you instant access to live information about your upcoming flights, has full integration with your Executive Club details, adds your bookings into your BlackBerry calendar and you can even use your BlackBerry® as a boarding pass.  



– Dynamic home page and mobile boarding passes Get useful information about your next flight including live departure time and gate numbers (from Heathrow Terminal 5). With just one click, you can access your mobile boarding pass which lets you go from security right through to the plane using just your BlackBerry® . See for the full list of routes accepting the mobile boarding pass. 

-My flights Review your upcoming flight bookings and add them to your BlackBerry® calendar.

You can also receive calendar alerts when check-in is open for your flight.  

-Executive club Easy access to information about your Tier Points, BA Miles, and Executive Club details. Silver and Gold members also get easy access to the Wi-Fi passwords for our lounges. 

-Flight information Find live arrival or departure times for any flight in the next eight days. 

-Timetables Access the British Airways worldwide timetable.  


You can also check in on your mobile phone, see worldwide contact numbers and the latest British Airways travel news.  Everyone can use the British Airways app, but for the best experience log in to your Executive Club account. You can join the Executive Club for free on

British Airways




British Airways PLC

  • Required Device Software
  • Operating System: 4.5.0 or higher
    BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher

How is The Q10 Selling at T-Mobile?


Yesterday, I visited a local T-Mobile store that I have been to in the past, when the Z10 launched.  The Q10, unlike the Z10 was prominently displayed on a center store table with the other hot phones.  I was told that the Q10 is doing much better than the Z10 and that one Q10 was selling for every four Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.  The sales people agreed that BlackBerry has a unique market with the Q10 and that many die hard physical QWERTY users are loving the new phone and asking for it.IMG_00001051

Latest BlackBerry OS 10.1.x Unofficial Software Leaks

It must be a Friday Fringe Software Festival as new BlackBerry OS 10.1.x unnofficial software leaks have appeared–click below for the version for your device:

For the STL100-1 Version (912.2 MB)

For the STL-100-2 or 3 Version (930.1 MB)

For the STL-100-4 Version (932.5 MB)

Please, proceed at your own risk and note that any files including photos, docs, pdf,  and any side-loaded apps will be lost.  You can find guidance on how to proceed here:

Upgrading Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B to the Real Thing (BB10 OS

TeaTimer and Q10

business apps

Please read at first my story ‘Behind the scenes‘.

TeaTimer should run on Touch and Keyboard devices, so I just did a first implementation and here are my experiences.

Redesign Layout Homescreen for Q10

Q10 has less space available: 720×720 instead of 768×1280. It’s worth rethinking the layout. Some screens worked out-of-the-box, but the startscreen got a redesign for Q10.

first decisions:

  • Moving the DropDown on top over the images
  • Making the ActionBar as Overlay to avoid distortion of images.


You have to reserve 96 Pixel for the DropDown UI Control.

If you expand the DropDown, it doesn’t use the complete space of the screen – only 50% were used from my experiences. Setting  the height to a higher value doesn’t work. My first idea to make the Images invisible if DropDown is expanded, doesn’t look good with only half screen occupied by the DrowDown.

My solution: move…

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We have heard that the official, native “whatsapp” application is due for release for the Z10 soon, but if you want a similar experience download “OPENWHATSAPP”:



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Side Loading Android Apps onto Your Playbook or BlackBerry 10 Device


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