Z30 Arrives On Verizon For Sale


@Verizon sells @BlackBerry Z30 for $199.99 on a two year contract or for $0 down and $23/month on Edge over 2 years.  It’s also availble for $549.99 with no contract, on a month to month basis: http://vz.to/17rmVWp 


BES 10 Selected by The Australian Transportation and Safety Bureau


Press Release

Sydney – Australia – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that Australia’s national transport safety investigator, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), has migrated to BlackBerry’s leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10. Responsible for improving safety in aviation, marine and rail transport, the ATSB is equipping employees with BlackBerry® 10 smartphones to securely capture, share, report and manage mission critical data at transport incidents from any location, including very remote areas on land or at sea.

Management, field investigators and IT support staff at the ATSB will use BlackBerry® Z10 smartphones, with plans to deploy BlackBerry® Z30 smartphones to teams in November.

As an independent government agency, the ATSB conducts investigations of transport incidents and accidents. Investigation teams use email and BBM™ to communicate and collaborate, and record safety data by filling in forms and taking photos that are sent to the ATSB’s database. IT and support teams conduct critical analysis and research to help identify causes of occurrences – used by the ATSB to improve safety and ultimately save lives.

“Being able to securely share real-time data from accident sites is crucial to our investigative role,” said Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner at the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau. “With BlackBerry 10, our investigation teams are able to navigate to locations, take and share high-quality photos, and collaborate on data from any site they’re sent to, all within a network that conforms to the high security standards that we need.

“We chose BlackBerry 10 for its trusted security, ease of migration and cost-effectiveness, which has overall helped the ATSB realise significant savings. BlackBerry’s devices and management platform are helping to make investigative processes timelier and more comprehensive, while finding cost efficiencies through seamless migration and deployment.”

The migration to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is the latest development in a relationship between BlackBerry and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau that spans five years. The combination of BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides high security standards against data leakage and unauthorized device access to corporate assets. Security of corporate applications and data stored on personal devices (for BYOD deployments) is also embedded seamlessly within the user interface through BlackBerry® Balance™ technology. BlackBerry Balance separates corporate data from personal content, while preserving the end user’s privacy and consumer experience.

“We see this latest iteration of Blackberry’s mobility platform as an enabler of our own technology future, including plans to stream live video from investigations and if we choose to, support a broader range of device types within the organization,” Martin added. “We need to be as agile as possible if we’re to improve the safety of Australian transport. We look forward to working with Blackberry on solutions that will continue to enable our work and deliver a platform for future innovation.”

BlackBerry’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Ball said, “BlackBerry 10 is designed to support the needs of government customers, and we’re proud that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has selected BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which helps their employees be adaptable and reliable in the field, and offers strong back-end security and management.

“To date, over 65% of our enterprise customer base in Australia and New Zealand have either deployed or are currently trialing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. In addition, we’re looking forward to helping more business and government customers, large and small, take advantage of BlackBerry’s secure network and services with the launch of BlackBerry’s new cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution coming later this year.”

For more information about BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, please visit www.bes10.com. Now available from carriers and authorised resellers in Australia, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone is the biggest, fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone, with a 5” display and the largest battery ever on a BlackBerry smartphone. For information about theBlackBerry Z30 smartphone in Australia, please visit http://au.blackberry.com/  

Rogers Will Not Carry The Z30

The new BlackBerry Z30 phone will be released on Oct. 15 in Canada, but Rogers won’t stock it. Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

TORONTO — BlackBerry says its latest smartphone will arrive in Canada later this month, but it won’t have the support of one of the country’s largest carriers.

The smartphone maker says Rogers Communications has decided not to stock the new BlackBerry Z30, a touch-screen model similar in size to a Samsung Galaxy 4, when it’s released on Oct. 15 at various Canadian retailers.

BlackBerry says the Z30 will be stocked by other Canadian carriers like Bell and Telus as well as retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop. Prices will be set by the various retailers.

Rogers did not immediately respond for comment on its decision not to carry the new phone, a surprise since the Toronto-based company was an early adopter of BlackBerry products during the company’s infancy.

Rogers also hosted the Canadian debut of the new BlackBerry phones at its headquarters in February, with BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins and Rogers head Nadir Mohamed posing for photos together.

The new BlackBerry Z30 comes with a five-inch screen, improved battery life and faster processor than the models released earlier this year.

The device is larger than most smartphones, but smaller than the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which the company recently stopped producing after two years.

Earlier this week, BlackBerry filed documents with regulators which showed that sales of its new Blackberry 10 devices have been faltering. The company also said that the launch of its recent strategic review process “may have negatively impacted demand for the company’s products” in its most recent quarter.

A potential takeover of BlackBerry has heightened attention on what will happen to the company, with Fairfax Financial, BlackBerry’s biggest shareholder, emerging last week with a preliminary US$4.7-billion takeover offer.




Six Core BlackBerry Z30 With OS 10.2

xl_blackberry z30New Z30/A10 in between a Z10 and Q10 (image source: Crackberry.com)

The first 5″ phablet by BlackBerry is coming soon, apparently slated for November, 2013. BlackBerry needs to go all out with marketing for this six core: (rumored 2 CPU cores and 4 GPU cores) device which will include OS 10.2 with headless apps, toast notifications and more updates to the OS with Priority HUB notifications.  There is nothing on the market like the QNX based BlackBerry OS 10 phones.  It is unfortunate that the media, analysts and carrier reps are so brain-washed and ignorant of the re-designed BlackBerry 10 phones. This is a serious failing of BlackBerry Marketing!  The phones need to be marketed to the point that buyers ask for them at carrier stores in spite of sales reps that might be pushing other out-dated products based on mis-information, rumors, Apple, or other cell phone OEM dollar incentives (SPIFFS)  and innuendo!

Check out a video below: