Our Calculus I App Is The Most Popular “Calculus” App on BlackBerry World


Considering that our application, Calculus I,  is in early Beta release and is designed and available only for OS 10 BlackBerry devices, truthfully, we are pleasantly surprised and delighted that our app has shot to the number one “Calculus” app in popularity on BlackBerry World.  This includes applications being built for legacy OS devices, which have had a longer run time and, presumably,  have a larger market with OS 5-7. This happened today (November 25, 2013), thanks to our social media and relational marketing efforts. We are thankful for the support so far, and hope that we reach the 1000 download mark to proceed with the next phase as outlined in our press release:


which provides the development road map for the app.

We are excited to deliver an already useful application for FREE that students can now use to prepare for upcoming final exams and  that we plan on developing further, as the numbers and downloads warrant it, to make it a uniquely engaging, social, educational, application by leveraging the unique aspects of the BlackBerry ecosystem.  We plan to engage the students with social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, BBM) and with two unique offerings on BBM Channels, “PFC Live Tutor” ® (SM/TM) and “PFC Live Chat”® (SM/TM) where PFC stands for “Pedagogy Focused Competency”® (SM/TM). We plan to use quizzes and a game to link to “score-loop” with high-score statistics and other metrics.

Right now, in its most basic form, we have developed the content that we feel is appropriate for Calculus I, and we have decided to make the table of contents and cards selected available for FREE so students have a mobile and complete reference study guide for a first class in College level Calculus.  We welcome feedback and suggestions, and especially appreciate any feedback on typos or other errors, in this use as is Beta version.  We tried to catch most of these errors/typos, but are aware of a few minor and obvious typos/errors that we will correct soon with an update. We are working on a release for Tablet OS 2.1 which will bring the application to all legacy PlayBook devices from BlackBerry®.

This FREE Beta version of the  app is already designed for recall and review and consolidation–ie—meta cognition—where the student should ask: “Do I understand the examples?” “Do I know how to workout the examples on my own?” Repetition using pencil and paper and problem solving is absolutely part of the review part of learning for math and science. Working out the examples to make sense of the answers is a good strategy.  The app should be useful to high school students taking AP Calculus I or College students taking a first class in Calculus.

We see learning as: 1)Introduction to the material (by the teacher, by reading, by chatting, by study groups, and by Pedagogy Focused Competency ® (SM/TM) with “PFC Live Chat”® (SM/TM) and “PFC Live Tutor” ® (SM/TM) in our BBM Channel), 2)Review and problem solving (with problem solving teams/groups or “PFC Live Chat” ® (SM/TM) and “PFC Live Tutor” ® (SM/TM) in our BBM Channel, PFC Calculus I ® (SM/TM), channel pin C00123F0F) and 3) Consolidation (“PFC Live Chat” ® (SM/TM)) and “PFC Live Tutor” ® (SM/TM) in our BBM Channel). There are formative (“PFC Live Chat” ® (SM/TM) and “PFC Live Tutor”  ® (SM/TM) in our BBM Channel) and summative  (Quiz/Test and Gaming) aspects to learning and teaching.  We plan to leverage the BlackBerry ecosystem to cover all three areas in both formative and summative engagement. We plan to reach the learning different students with didactic, visual and auditory engagement.

Thank you for taking this  first step,with us,  towards a new mobile educational paradigm, with this first version  of Calculus I ® (SM/TM). A mobile educational app needs to be relevant, engaging, and social. It needs to add value and even enjoyment to reviewing and studying for tests. It needs to be much more than a PDF of a traditional review book.

The Simple Things in Life are Good!® (SM/TM)IMG_00001155IMG_00000026-original®

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