How to Update Your BBM App to Include BBM Channels

UPDATED Nov. 27, 2013:

It is no longer necessary to follow the procedure below, as BBM Channels are no longer in Beta Test.  Just follow the instructions found here:

Learn How to Use BBM Channels here:


The two steps to update your BBM App follow below.  If you are here for a “HOW TO”, then please follow our channel for all kinds of help and useful info: PFCSystems;  BBM Channel PIN: C0007F38F (three zeros precede “7″).

IMG_00000801 IMG_00000802

There are two steps to update your BBM app on your Z10 or Q10 (or even Dev Alphas) to include the new BBM Channels:

PART 1)On your Windows Desktop (Mac Not supported at this time)

1)Go to BlackBerry Beta Zone:

2)You will have the opportunity to a)integrate your existing prior beta zone login with your BlackBerry ID or

b)create a beta-zone account.  Once this is done, select

3)Add to “My Programs” by selecting the new BBM Channels icon on the right side of the top row of eligible Beta programs:
4)A file will be downloaded to your desktop: BBMChannels(
5)Connect your device to the USB port and run the file.
6)An email will be sent to your new merged BlackBerry ID email from “”:

BBM Channels (BBOS + BB10)

May 18, 2013



For security purposes, use of this version of BBM Channels (10.0 & 10.1) software is currently protected by a keycode. We use your PIN to generate a unique keycode for access to the application.


Your keycode is as follows:

 Security Code specific to your BlackBerry ID here!

To enter your keycode, copy it from this email (highlight the keycode and, from the menu, select Copy).
Then, paste it when requested into the software (from the menu, select Paste).

Thank you.
BlackBerry® Beta Zone Administrator

7)You will need to copy the key code to the program that you run as it is executed.
8)You will also need any device (Z10/Q10 Dev) passwd.
9)If when running the executable downloaded file BlackBerry Link or Desktop is launched–just X out of it.
10)You will see the update status bar on your device—when it is completed ie 100% updated you can disconnect and reboot your device.
11)The BBM app will have been updated:
Part 2)Creating Your Channel
1) Within Channels, go to your device’s menu and select Create Channel.
2) Input your channel and select an avatar to represent you.
3) Write a description about your channel (optional) then select your location.
4) Specify your Communication Options.
5) Finally select save.
Check Out our New
PFCSystems Channel:  BBM Channel PIN: C0007F38F (three zeros precede “7”)
& My Personal Channel:C00092C0A (three zeros precede “9” and one zero between C & A)
Our new BlackBerry BBM Channel, PIN C0007F38F; scan it here:

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