Blanket Surveillance. Total Secrecy. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Not your average physicist’s prism!


Imagine that one day you came home to find a shiny little bubble of one-way glass in an upper corner of every single room, and a notice left on your kitchen table: “As required by the Safe Society Act, we have installed remotely controlled cameras throughout your home. (Also your office.) But don’t worry! They’ll probably only be activated if the government believes that a non-US citizen might have entered this building.” Would that give you warm fuzzy feelings of safety and security?

I ask because that’s a pretty good metaphor for what happened this week. I refer of course to PRISM. You may have noticed the flurryofreports followed by aflurryofdenials regarding the “top-secret National Security Administration data-mining program that taps directly into the Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple servers among others.”

Meanwhile, with (surprisingly) much less furore, the Wall Street Journal took…

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Under The Tuscan Rain

Stellar journey! Lovely story and photos!

Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe

3.elena levon photography asciano tuscany italy - 4

After my life as an Italian, it was time for Tuscany…

However, what was supposed to be a marvelous time Under The Tuscan Sun, turned into an unforgettable time Under The Tuscan Rain.

Most of Italy was hit with rain for weeks. Even though its late Spring, Italy had Winter temperatures almost everywhere.

You see, I do bring rain everywhere…

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Mushroom bruschetta – Grub


Vittle Monster

Mushroom bruschetta - Grub
Pastrami spiced, gruyere cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 island. $10
Grub, San Francisco CA

The ingredients of this bruschetta looked so odd together that I had to try it. Omg, it actually tasted really good! I’m not even a sauerkraut fan, or a 1000 island dressing fan for that matter, but they somehow all worked great together. Mmm!

Random face sidewalk stencil
Random face sidewalk stencil, 16th Street.

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The Enterprise App Economy

App yapp!


Editor’s note: Aaron Levie is CEO and co-founder of Box. Follow him on Twitter @levie.

Next week, thousands of developers will converge on WWDC, the vast majority representing companies and products that didn’t exist before the creation of Apple’s iPhone and App Store.

They’ll talk about the future of mobile gaming, photo sharing and, of course, Snapchat. But what likely won’t be center stage is how transformative Apple’s devices and ecosystem have been in the enterprise.

The enterprise world was once solidly dominated by PCs. Today, nearly all of the Fortune 500 are testing iPads. Combined, Apple and Android (and Android’s partners) represent nearly 91 percent of smartphones and tablets used today. And it’s not just that people are buying a new category of device; they’re actually buying fewer PCs in aggregate, as well. In the last holiday season, PC shipments sunk 6 percent, the first decrease…

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Girl Loses Friends Because Her Phone Is Too Big To Carry

Get a BlackBerry Z10, when size matters!


Somewhere on the dance floor, she vanished. It would have a been no problem, except her smartphone was so large she left it at coat check. In the pursuit of a big, beautiful screen, she’d sacrificed why people carry phones in the first place. We had no way to find her in the massive nightclub, and we never saw her again.

This was my eye-opening experience in Singapore this week. Smartphone innovation has focused on power and pizazz rather than efficiency, and that has its downsides.

With today’s technology, we could surely have small, lightweight, long-battery, nearly indestructible phones capable of calling, SMS, and perhaps that even run Android so they could use messaging apps. They wouldn’t  need a big screen or heavy processing power. They’d be portable and reliable above all else.

Our lost little friend certainly could have benefited from such a device. She spent the night at…

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