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Some love to share, something free for you! After the delay in the cross platform BBM launch, and as BlackBerry is potentially going private (sold!), we have decided to offer our app for free! It’s available for all BlackBerry devices including legacy devices and the PlayBook. There’s no excuse not to get it and be on top of some great recipes, entertainment, travel, technology and stock-market news with original photography and restaurant reviews.  Get it here:

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  • Required Device Software
  • Operating System: 5.0.0 or higher
    Tablet: 1.0.7 or higher
    BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher

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Under The Tuscan Rain

Stellar journey! Lovely story and photos!

Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe

3.elena levon photography asciano tuscany italy - 4

After my life as an Italian, it was time for Tuscany…

However, what was supposed to be a marvelous time Under The Tuscan Sun, turned into an unforgettable time Under The Tuscan Rain.

Most of Italy was hit with rain for weeks. Even though its late Spring, Italy had Winter temperatures almost everywhere.

You see, I do bring rain everywhere…

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No Pictures Of David. That Means You Paisan!


Around The World With Steve

It’s amazing how good I have been feeling lately. My health – sore left knee, chronic cough, flu – had been a concern since Nepal. Despite my poor physical condition, I trudged on steadily and with purpose. Frankly, I didn’t let it get in the way of seeing and doing wonderful things. The trip was barely impacted because I refused to let any of my ailments get the best of me. The last week in Greece and all of my time in Italy has been fabulous insofar as having the energy to complete this RTW trip with “mucho gusto” (literal translation – Much Pleasure)!

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R.C. Basilica of Regina Pacis Bensonhurst ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ A Taste of Italy

 By Nicholas Tanis
The Convent
The Convent
Commemorative Stone
The Bell Tower/Cupola and the Basilica
Rectory; Bell Tower; Basilica; High School
Basilica with adjacent High School
The Rectory / Administration Building; the Bell Tower; the Basilica; the High School
BellTowerRear BellTowerFront
The Bell Tower: Front & Rear
The Basilica
Staircase detail
Main Entrance to Basilica
Pediment detail
Corner detail
Window detail
Rear of the Basilica
Air Canada: Flying on BlackBerry 10 Since CDN Market Launch

Air Canada: Flying on BlackBerry 10 Since CDN Market Launch



The Air Canada App for BlackBerry 10 has been in BlackBerry World for a while.  It’s available for free, like other airline apps. The description provided:

“Welcome aboard! The Air Canada BlackBerry® App is your personal travel companion. 

OVERVIEW MY FLIGHTS Keep track of all your Air Canada flights from a single location. Use your BlackBerry® Menu button to refresh flightstatus, check-in or sign up to Flight Notification.  

FLIGHT LABELS AND FILTERING Create custom labels to categorize your flights in My Flights.  

MY MESSAGES A single location for all your Flight Notifications that you have registered to and links to your Electronic Boarding Passes as they become available.

CHECK-IN Access Air Canada Mobile Check-in to select your seat, retrieve your electronic boarding pass and more.

FIND FLIGHT Find andtrack any Air Canada or Air Canada Express flight by flight number or arrival and destination cities. Use your BlackBerry® Menu button to add flights to My Flights, sign up to Flight Notification or Check-in. 

DOWNLOAD FLIGHT SCHEDULE You can now download the complete Air Canada schedule to your BlackBerry and search for flights while offline. Have access to over 470,000 flights across more than 175 destinations that Air Canada serves. Set your download preference and frequency in My Settings, Preferences.

FLIGHT NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES You can now specify your default Flight Notification preference and automatically register to Flight Notification when you add a flight to My Flights. 

AIR CANADA VACATIONS MOBILE Air Canada Vacations Mobile allows you to keep track of your vacation plans,hunt for deals, search for vacation packages and browse thousands of hotels across hundreds of destinations. Share what you find with friends or ‘quick dial’ Air Canada Vacations to book your vacation!”

You can get the Air Canada app here:

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Delta Airlines:First US carrier to post an App For BlackBerry 10

Delta Airlines:First US carrier to post an App For BlackBerry 10

“Fly Delta” is a new application for those people on the move with Delta around the world and through the ATL hub.  Here is the description provided:

“When you’re facing the ins and outs of travel, a little peace of mind can go a long way. That’s why the Fly Delta app includes industry-leading features to manage your travel on the go. •check in for domestic and international flights within 24 hours •download mobile boarding passes (available in 78 cities worldwide) •view a seat map and select or change your seat •check your status on the upgrade or standby list • check the latest flight status and get terminal and gate info • receive push notifications on flight and gate changes • rebook canceled or misconnected flights • pay for checked bags and track their location •map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker •see your SkyMiles balance and current Medallion status •save a photo and make note of your parking spot •get detailed info about Delta’s fleet •connect with Delta partners •expanded airport maps, transit details, weather and Delta Sky Club® locations The Fly Delta app and are always free to use on WiFi-enabled flights. Visit for more information on versions for other mobile devices. To view Delta’s Privacy Policy, please visit: Keywords: travel, airline, Delta, Delta Air Lines, Delta Airlines, Fly Delta, flights, airport, airport info, boarding pass, push alert, check-in reminder”

You can download the app for your BlackBerry 10 device here:

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Would You Like Your Own App for Your Blog on BlackBerry World?

Would You Like Your Own App for Your Blog on BlackBerry World?

As a  developer for BlackBerry, we’d love to create an app for your Blog for BlackBerry World!

Drop us a line via the coordinates below.  We would need your ok to distribute your app, and an image file that you would like us to use for your Blog site.  This can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Drop us a line by March 14, 2013, and we’ll discount the cost at 15%.  There are near 80 million BlackBerry devices (OS 5, 6, 7, 10, PlayBook) out there!


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