PFC Systems, Inc.: people focused company(sm)  with programming focused creations(sm)


We are a  people focused company (sm) with our roots in Randolph, NJ, having been founded in 1993 as a consulting company in the medical technologies industry, specifically with expertise in all facets of magnetic resonance.  At the time we focused on customer support, from programming in C++ for instrument control and pulse sequences, to customer “push button” training/demonstrations using customized “push-button” macros. These macros were written in “MAGICAL”- Magnetic Instruments Control and Calibration- a C++ based scripting language proprietary to Varian Associates, a company which no longer exists in its original form.

Since 1993, our scope and interests have evolved, to include promotional programming for hand- held and desktop devices, brand ambassadorship and multi-media marketing, often in concert with our computer programming and educational/training efforts. Brands represented by the people of our company include: Epson, HP, Virgin Mobile, XM Radio, and Sharp. We have played a behind the scenes lead role in taking some of these brands to market first. We have many years experience in people focused marketing campaigns that have added value with our in – field presence in everything we do for our clients.  We work person to person, face to face, while making use of the latest social/multi- media marketing strategies. We’ve represented our clients in key locations, such as New York City, Toronto, Montreal and Atlanta that we know well and live in.  Our methods encompass understanding the cultures of  the markets of interest. With this in mind, we are multi-lingual with the languages spoken by our brand ambassadors encompassing, English, French, Greek, Italian & Spanish.

Our programming focused creations continue on the educational front using our pedagogy focused competencies.  Check out our Calculus I app:



Our goals with this blog include 1)Providing factual, well researched articles that people can use to enhance their livelihood; 2)Provide original articles that filter through the “hype” involving entertainment, food, news, science, technology and travel; and 3)Provide insightful cumulative articles, always focusing on how entertainment, food, news, science, technology and travel influence/effect people’s lives.

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PFC Systems, Inc.

People Focused Company ® (SM/TM)

Programming Focused Creations ® (SM/TM)

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