Upgrading Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B to the Real Thing (BB10 OS


Please, be advised that any side-loaded Android Apps will be lost!  I will explain how to side-load apps in the near future..check back! (May 8, 2013 Update: Be sure to check the comments below for links to the latest OS info!)***BACK-UP YOUR DEVICE, BEFORE PROCEEDING!***

Down load the appropriate (Dev Alpha A and B have OMAP processors) autoloader from here:


(NOTE: If you have a Z10 or Q10–no need to do this–you have the full software and will get any OS upgrades “over the air” = OTA; if you insist on screwing up the Z10 then make sure you know if your Z10 is Qalcomm (USA & Canada) based or OMAP based and download the correct autoloader–I’m not going to suggest this or provide directions for messing with your just bought Z10)IMG_00000715IMG_00000727



1. Download the OS from the above link. Because of the way mega.co.nz is set up, you’ll probably need Google Chrome to do that.

2. Unzip it.

3. Turn off  and connect your Dev Alpha to your PC.  Let the BB drivers load, if the Blackberry Link or Desktop software launches “X” out of it!  Turn the Dev Alpha off again.

4. Run the .exe. “X” out of the Desk Top Software if it tries to launch; when you enter the device password you will see the green LED indicating all is good to go.

5. Let it install ( you will see a not too sexy status of the % installed) and go through the setup on the device when it turns on again, after the green LED is gone at 100%, you can unplug the USB and go through te screen prompts, after the device boots (circle around Blackberry logo is full..)

NOTE! If you are presented with an OS update during setup on the Dev Alpha Device , Skip it, by swiping left!





The Simple Things in Life are Good!(sm)IMG_00001155IMG_00000026-original

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60 thoughts on “Upgrading Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B to the Real Thing (BB10 OS

  1. Great article, I appreciate the posting. I have a quick question, in your article you state:

    “NOTE! If you are presented with an OS update during setup on the Dev Alpha Device , Skip it, by swiping left!”

    I did so, but had I not, or if I perform the update will it not work? I’m using a dev alpha a.

    Again thanks very much for the article.

  2. Hello and thanks for visiting. Had you let the device install the “update”, it would not have given you the latest Full OS 10, which is not the latest official release for the Development Alpha Device. How are you liking the full OS so far?

    • It’s great. Far better than what was on there (the half functional one missing most of the apps) The only complaint is the water marks and the fact that it says there’s an update (haha but I wont touch it since you warned me) It’s quick and responsive. Very impressive. BB should have made all of the alpha devices like this, I’m sure the developers would have been much more eager to talk about it and promote it for them had they been able to work with something like this.

      Thanks again!

      • Agreed, BlackBerry should release this for the Dev Alpha A and B and also the Playbook. Think of the free marketign buzz from actual OS 10 users in the USA. An issue I see with Playbook is resovling what will happen to purchased PB apps from App World —they will likely no longer run/be recognized in BB10 update since the two stores were/are separate.

        How is the battery life on your Dev Alpha A? Has it changed since the Full OS update–seems a bit short here. I’m loving native Twitter, FB, BBM, and FourSquare what is you BB ID/PIN? What app are you developing? Will it be native? Too many android ports already!

      • The battery life seems improved on my Dev Alpha, before it would die during the day (even doing nothing) now its been all day (albeit not doing much) but the battery is about 80%. I’m happy with that. I found one glitch though – I connected the device to my home wifi network, and the thing worked great (internet browsing etc). I took it to work, connected to my office network, but not internet access at all. (It has IP, and full access but wont do a damn thing, even tried rebooting) Then bring it home, back on home network and bam, working just fine. Not sure what’s going on there.

        I also found when playing video, if you rotate the device it gets very confused, but still this is a significant improvement, I can see myself now going out of my way to say, BB10 isn’t bad at all.

        I’m actually located in Guelph (Very close to RIM HQ) so I was hoping for this to be more of a buzz, but as you said… they could really use some help with marketing.

  3. Oh and I’m mostly developing HTML5 Web – Apps. I was using Webworks to try to develop a system dashboard, but some of the api calls I needed to make were not available, so I’ve put it on the back burner. Right now it’s just a really slick test device.

  4. @Bren re IP issue:

    I have found that switching wifi network sometimes causes trying to access the device on my earlier set (home IP) network to fail too. If I turn wifi off and then back on and renter the passwd, all is good again!

    • I tried that a few times, even went as far as removing the wireless network and re-adding it…. Toggling airplane mode etc…

      Are you using yours with a SIM card?

      • Nope..no sim card yet—can you tell me how to insert the sim card into the side tray…does it just slide in? Is there a youtube video on this? Are you able to make and receive calls with the sim in the dev alpha A? I may put in my T-Mobile SIM card this week. I would be happier with a longer battery life. I need to get a car charger for it–do you have a car charger?

        Are you no longer able to access the network with the device at all? Are you using a password and entering it correctly with the user name you have given for wifi access?

      • On Dev alpha A I can send and receive calls. I haven’t tried texts, but i assume they work. And BBM works too. To insert your sim, (you’ll need to have a micro sim) look along the left side of the device at the top where it says 16gb, you’ll see a small hole, that’s where you can stick a sim ejector tool, but, I found a push pin works. Give it a push and the tray should come out.(I think the box came with the tool but i could be mistaken) Then put your sim in the tray and pop it in.

        its an unlocked device so its all good. in the prior builds they had just hidden the dialer app, but it still picked up on the network.

        im just charging with the regular cord. Oh and my network is Fido.

        ill try the wifi again at work tomorrow, not a huge deal, but its kinda fun.

        Do you know if the latest update which came out for the Z10 will leak… ?



  5. Hi Bren,

    Thanks for steering me to the original box, where I found a tray to insert. I thought the tray was in the device and popped out when using a paper clip. I hope I did not damage anything by poking around, Can you see if you can send a simple text and a simple multimedia–pic attached to text and let me know, before I go ahead and chop my SIM card?

    I do have info on the new update, but it is not clear to me yet that it will work with the Dev Alpha A. You can get it here–click “download” under the “watchnow” label:

    The file is 972MB compressed…

    Let me know, if you are brave enough to update the Dev Alpha A, what you find–you can always reset with a wipe. I need to get caught up on some other stuff before I get carried away with another update! This download is designed for LTE model STL-100-3 mine is a PRO-100-2. You can check in setup>about>general under model.

    • Sure I can send you a message or a bbm. Send me an email with your #/bbm and I’ll send you one. Probably best to not chop your sim just in case, although you can get micro sim adaptors if you chop and want to go back. Heck I’ll download and wipe the dev alpha and try the link. Why not? Its a dev device right?. You could always ask to borrow a friends too, most phones are going the micro sim route. Hopefully you didn’t do any damage, but the devices are fairly resilient. I’ll let you know about the update….

      mine is also a PRO-100-2



      • You are a brave man! Let me know how it goes. My goal for today was to top my all time high viewers on this site, and I have done so! Too much time in front of the laptop…

        My BBM Pin for the Dev Alpha A is: 29D90F1E–it appears on some of the screen captures. My BlackBerry ID is an email that I will send to you. Not sure if you can use the PIN anymore with BBM?

      • Congrats, its a nice site, and being a web developer, I see a lot of sites 🙂

        I sent you an invite, but I may be killing the device shortly with the update haha

      • Thank you! What is your Blackberry ID email—my invite to you is not going out via BBM (should not having a SIM card impact this?) I assumed it was your email. I sent you an email to your gmail from my company email at this company domain: PFCSystems.net which is NOT linked to my BlackBerry ID which is in that email….



    • Oh no….that sucks….sorry it does not work! I guess you should go ahead and wipe it and reload the OS mentioned above in post. Let me know if you still can reach the executable for the functional version which is better than the half baked release.



  6. Hmm I sent you an invite through bbm. BBM works so long as you have wifi, no need for the sim (atleast for me) My email is my BB ID one. Email me direct and Ill send you a qr code you can scan to add me to BBM haha

  7. Ok Im an idiot. I didnt send the invite, had my wifi off haha (from work since it wasn’t working) invite recieved!

  8. Hey Bren,

    Glad that BBM works well…I turned the phone off–downloaded Battery Watch which says battery is at 100% and in good health. Will let it charge/plugged in–there’s a green light which I guess indicates the battery is charged?

  9. I’ve updated my OS and it turns out the following app cannot be opened:
    -voice control
    -print to go
    -adobe reader

    Anybody else experiencing the same thing?

  10. I’m not seeing these issues–anyone else? All apps work. Are you sure you did not overwrite these system files with older versions? I did this with sys.msg and HUB would not work. The update works for the OMAP based Dev Alpha A and B. Is this what you have? My Dev Alpha A is model Pro100-2, and all works well on it. Has anyone tried this update on the Dev Alpha B?

    Thanks for reading!

    • Yes dev alpha B. Just flushed in the OS that’s it, didn’t do anything else. Any newer OS available since they’ve issued a OTA update?

      • What’s the model for the dev alpha B you have? Yes, there is another release mentioned in the comments above, but it does not work on the dev alpha A.

      • tried it, but still the same problem. Video and Picture app can’t seems to be opened.. i heard that they blocked those apps because it wasn’t meant for Dev Alpha at the first place..?

      • No experience here with Dev Alpha B with Model STL 100-1. BB10 OS works fine on my Dev Alpha A model:PRO-100-2. Other people are not reporting your issues. Try wiping and re-installing as per the instructions above. Be careful that you are not over-writing system apps with any side-loading you are doing.None of these OS leaks are official or supported by BlackBerry. Does anyone else have a DEV B with Model STL 100-1? What have you found with either of the leaked OS files discussed here? Any other model A or B or C dev alphas with leaked OS?

        Download the “PFCSystems” app on BlackBerry World:


  11. Updated to the latest OS on March 13, 2013: OS on my Dev Alpha A, and I’m loving it! See the link right above. Just an issue with sending images via text on TMobile (The Dev Alpha device was primed for AT&T.) I can receive text images. Everything else works just fine!

    • Hi There..
      I have a Dev Alpha A Currently running on and wanna update to the just wanna ask how is the overall device experience after the update and do all the apps work (Like phone, Camera, Picture, Facebook and all)

      • Yes, they work fine with my device. What is the model # of your Dev Alpha A? What country are you in? You will have to reload any side-loaded apps. You should back up any photos and documents you have on the device.

  12. The model is Dev Alpha … Nothing else written ..
    Actually it goes like this ..
    Model – Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha
    Model Number – Dev alpha ..
    I am from India .. One more problem i face is … That microSIM doesnt work on my device .. 😦

  13. And one more thing please … If possible can you please upload the autoloader because maybe mega.co.cz is not working here in India ..

      • I understand that .. Thanks BTW .. 🙂 I just wanted to say if you could upload it to some third party sharing like google drive or something and share it … It would be awesome .. Actually I have been trying to download this file from quite long and not been successfull to download because my ISP is having some problems with mega..

  14. Has anyone tried the new leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL-100-2 on the DEV Alpha A Pro-100-2? I have a previous STL-100-1 OS working well on my PRO-100-2, and I am not as adventurous to try this new STL-100-2 on it. Also, I don’t get why STL100-1 is being left out of the leak. Although, I do recall reading somewhere that BlackBerry is no longer supporting the Dev Alpha A with software upgrades. Yet, PLEASE keep in mind that this is NOT official BlackBerry software. Proceed at your own risk….

    Download for STL100-2:

    Download for STL100-3:

    Download for STL100-4:

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  17. no, i haven’t upgraded yet. All i want to do is use my Dev Alpha A as a normal phone. so that i can make calls ect. I have a Z10 but i love my dev alpha! the shape and feel is quite cool. so it be awesome to have it working normal.

    Like your blog! really good work. tired searching crackberry but whenever i posted a thread asking: which OS to install on Dev A i keep getting the same trolls with the same answeres: “any OS will do” or: “just go and get a Z10” …that really was not what i was looking for.

    i will give the new leak a shot but am afraid that it won’t work as the Dev A has been dropped by Blackberry. kind of like the playbook. they must have seen that coming….

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